How will charges appear on my credit card?


The charges appear on your credit card statement as “EXPRESSTOLL” followed by your rental agreement number and the phone number for our EXPRESSTOLL customer care team.


EXPRESSTOLL CTB302 3531800816595 IE
CTB302 – rental agreement number
3531800816595 – customer support Phone Number
IE – Ireland Country Code

Enterprise has appointed Verra Mobility as its agent to invoice and collect EXPRESSTOLL fees and tolls on behalf of Enterprise. Visit for more information related to fees.

If credit card processing error occurs for the EXPRESSTOLL service and we are unable to bill your credit card, you will receive a paper invoice via mail. You will need to complete payment at the EXPRESSTOLL renter payment portal by visiting as outlined in the paper invoice. If the payment process is not clear, you can call customer service at +353 1 800 816 595 and we can assist you with the online payment. Please note that for privacy and security purposes, the customer service agent is not able to make the payment on your behalf.