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Enterprise Flex-E-Rent Ireland

Flexible commercial and accessible vehicle hire from the leading specialist rental provider. With a fleet of over 2,000 vehicles, Enterprise Flex-E-Rent (incorporating Walker Vehicle Rental) is our dedicated commercial and accessible vehicle solution for businesses and public sector organisations. We offer tailored services to fit your business needs with an unrivalled level of customer service, attention to detail and market knowledge – backed by over 50 years of industry experience.

Our Services

Contract Hire

We can offer a wide range of vehicles finished in your corporate livery, and manage your fleet for a fixed price and pre-agreed time period tailored to suit your business specifications and requirements.

Fleet Management

Reduce fleet management costs, improve compliance and keep your business on the move no matter the circumstances with fleet solutions from Enterprise Flex-E-Rent.

Flexible Rental

Our innovative, flexible vehicle hire solution combines the guaranteed costs of ownership with the freedom of short term hire, without the costly outlay of ownership or the penalties of contract hire.

MAN Aftersales

We are the official provider for Man truck aftersales including repairs from single panel repair work to a full cab or chassis change. We are also the official supplier for Man truck parts and accessories in Ireland.

The Sectors We Cover

Event Vehicle Hire

Moving people and products to the right place at the right time is essential to any successful event – even when the unexpected happens. With specialist event vehicle hire from Enterprise Flex-E-Rent, whether you need to hire a buggy for a week long event or a 4x4 for the season – we’ve got you covered.

Traffic Management Vehicle Hire

Enterprise Flex-E-Rent is a leading provider of traffic management vehicle hire, offering an extensive choice of vehicles from our diverse fleet - including 4x4s, 3.5 tonne TM vans and 18-26 tonne traffic management trucks (with or without cushions), incident support vehicles and specialist traffic management equipment.

Waste Management Vehicle Hire

If your organisation is involved with waste management, refuse collection, recycling or collecting and transporting hazardous goods, we provide the vehicles you need to deliver essential services across the country. Hire a range of specialist environmental & waste management vehicles from our extensive fleet, on terms to suit you.

Civil Engineering Vehicle Hire

Getting vital people and equipment where they need to be is essential, and accessing the vehicles you need, when you need them is your top priority. Whether you need to hire one vehicle or hundreds, choose from our extensive range of specialist vehicles and rent on terms that meet your business needs and keep cash flow in your business .

Utilities Vehicle Hire

For over 60 years, Enterprise has provided leading organisations with the specialist utilities vehicles they need to get the job done - whatever it may be. Our flexibility, reliability and stability ensures your business stays moving, even in the midst of uncertainty. Choose the best utilities spec vehicles and customise accordingly to meet your needs.

Public Sector Vehicle Hire

Transporting people and delivering essential services easily and efficiently is vital to the successful running of public sector organisations. We make acquiring vehicles for use in the public sector a straightforward, cost-effective process providing the vehicles you need to keep operations running smoothly within budget.

Construction Vehicle Hire

In an industry where requirements can change unexpectedly, and any delay can be detrimental to business - choose to source your fleet from a provider you can rely on. At Enterprise Flex-E-Rent, we understand your need to move fast yet maintain flexibility when you need vehicles. That’s why we’re a leading vehicle rental provider for construction companies.

Infrastructure Vehicle Hire

Delivering essential services makes flexibility in acquiring vehicles key for organisations in the infrastructure sector - especially when business needs change at a moment’s notice. That’s why we’ll not only provide you with the right short, long term and flexible rail and facilities management vehicle for the job but we’ll ensure you can access exactly what you need, and hire on a term to suit you.

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