What if I don’t want to use EXPRESSTOLL?


If your rental vehicle is equipped with a EXPRESSTOLL box, make sure it remains closed. If you choose to use the manually operated toll lanes during your rental, you will need to pay all tolls with cash, credit card or an adequately funded personal toll tag, which needs to be properly plced in the rental vehicle.

You should not use eToll express toll lanes or Automatic Coin Machine (ACM) lanes if you do not want to use EXPRESSTOLL. Even if the EXPRESSTOLL shield box remains closed, the cost of tolls will be charged to the rental vehicle. If this occurs, you will be enrolled in EXPRESSTOLL program and be responsible to pay for any incurred toll charges and fees.

If you drive through the toll plaza at the East Link Toll Bridge, the gate might open automatically. If you believe we have charged you for a toll you paid for or tried to pay with cash or personal transponder, please visit www.ExpressTollGo.com or email your toll receipts to service@expresstollgo.com.

Toll authorities sometimes change their toll payment options. Check with the applicable toll authority to understand the different payment options that may be available.