Van Rental in Cavan

With a motto like “Courage and Prudence”, it is obvious that the citizens of Cavan Town are the type of people who prize their independence and know the value of a good deal. One excellent way to handle everyday transport needs on a budget would be through a self-drive van rental, courtesy of Enterprise Rent-A-Car. A quick visit to the friendly, courteous staff at the local Enterprise van hire centre, located at Autotech Garage on Dublin Road, is all that is needed to acquire the use of a cheap van for as long as it is needed. While a self-drive van rental would be especially useful for those from away attending Cavan Institute, locals can make use of a rented van to move to a new house or to bring home purchases from the local furniture or home renovation shop, while avoiding scheduling difficulties or high professional moving fees.



Cheap Cavan Van Hire Rates

With Enterprise, van hire doesn’t have to be expensive – our large fleet of cheap, clean and well-maintained commercial and passenger vehicles will suit any budget. Compare the full range on our website to find the most suitable. Our flexible booking process means that hiring a van from us is quick, simple and hassle-free, and you can be confident that you’re getting a great deal. Our friendly, knowledgeable local team at Cavan are on hand to help you select the perfect self-drive van to help you get the job done.

Van Hire in Cavan

Whether moving home or just transporting some flat-pack furniture in Cavan, Enterprise has a wide range of vans for hire to help you with your needs. You can be assured that our well-maintained vehicles are subject to a preventative maintenance programme and must pass a thorough inspection before they can be rented.

A Wide Range of Modern Vans

Enterprise in Cavan has a wide selection of vans at competitive rates, with the features and options that make them safe and easy to drive. Our late-model and well-maintained van fleet offered from Cavan includes small, medium-sized and large vans. Alternatively, Enterprise have a wide range of cars for hire including SUVs and people carriers.