Car & Van Hire in Izmir

Enterprise car hire locations in Izmir

Turkey has a rich and venerable history behind it, making the entire country worth exploring. Why not start in the coastal city of Izmir, formerly known as Smyrna, and make your first port of call at the Enterprise-Rent-A-Car office? The Enterprise office in Izmir is conveniently located in the centre of the city. They also have another car hire branch at Izmir Airport for those arriving from further afield. Regardless of how you'll be arriving in Izmir, you can get on the road in your own private car hire, sooner rather than later. Having access to your own vehicle while in Izmir will allow you to experience much more of the city without needing to rely on public transport, which can be expensive, time-consuming, and stressful. It is also much easier to explore places when you have access to a car rental in Izmir. You can benefit from being able to carry around extra travelling supplies without any extra effort. For example, spare clothes can be tucked into the boot, and important documentation and passes can be placed inside the glovebox until needed.

Our Vehicles for Hire in Izmir

Enterprise offers a wide range of vehicles to suit all needs and budgets, ranging from small compact family cars to generously proportioned SUVs. Enterprise also offers luxury cars for those looking to present a good image and drive in style. Izmir sprawls along the coastline and has wide, clear roads that will steer you along its shorelines. Pack your whole crew into a family saloon or an extra spacious 7-seater people carrier, which will ensure plenty of room for everyone. After you've chosen the perfect car, head off to see historic sites and stunning ocean views that are a stone's throw from the city centre. If you're visiting on business, make sure you make a good impression with a modern and classy vehicle from Enterprise.

At the Airport

Flying into Izmir will either bring you through the international or domestic terminal at Izmir Airport. However, don't despair because Enterprise has a car hire branch in both sections of the airport. Whether you are coming in from abroad or from a domestic Turkish city, Enterprise's friendly and efficient staff will have you on your way as soon as possible, behind the wheel of an immaculate vehicle.

Attractions in Izmir

With over 4,000 years of documented constant occupation, it will come as no surprise to learn that Izmir is simply bursting with wonderful old buildings, temples, and statuary. The tomb of Tantalus, one of myth and also where the word 'tantalise' was derived from, is very well worth a visit, as is Izmir's Bird Paradise, which boasts over 200 different bird species. Driving a car hire in Izmir is a sure-fire way to ensure you'll have the time to enjoy each and every specimen, before moving on to the nearby zoo to admire its many animals.

Places to Visit Outside Izmir

Almost directly north of Izmir is the bustling city of Istanbul, which is full of ancient romance and historic importance. Not only is the city a rare metropolis that's divided by a body of water, it is divided by a strait, which means the sea itself lies between the two halves. However, that's not even the most astonishing thing about Istanbul. The city occupies both Europe and Asia, as the strait sits directly atop the point where the two continents rub shoulders, and sometimes uneasily! Istanbul is a thriving tourist hotspot that draws in many people with its historic importance, beautiful architecture, as well as a thriving and modern cultural scene.

Parking and Traffic Information in Izmir

The thought of a car rental in Izmir, or any city at all, always tends to lead people to wonder what parking is like. As with many thriving cities, traffic in the centre of Izmir can be hectic. Plan your journey with this in mind and be prepared to leave either before or after rush hour times. However, after you've escaped the thronged city roads, the highways are broad and well-maintained, so you can easily get to your destinations fairly quickly.

Cheap Car Hire in Izmir

To be sure of getting the best deal on your dream rental car in Izmir, consider booking online before you travel. At the very least, make sure you get a quote for the vehicle online in order to help with your budgeting. Booking online can often secure extra discounts, so keep on the lookout for fantastic deals that can save you even more! If you are visiting at the weekend, take advantage of Enterprises's special weekend rates, which can make a weekend mini-break an even better idea!