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Intermediate Care - Spacious and good value

Intermediate car hire: A Great Mid-Range Solution

Intermediate car hire is the perfect solution for all types of general purpose driving, and when you are looking for more space to carry family and friends than you get with a hatchback or small car. Intermediate cars also provide a greater degree of comfort for those longer journeys. Enterprise Rent-A-Car offers a great choice of intermediate cars; all popular models from leading manufacturers. They have lots of legroom and enough space to carry five passengers in comfort. Intermediate cars have four doors, so there is no need to be climbing over tilted front seats, a feature welcomed by passengers who aren’t very agile. You also get the benefit of a separate, generously-sized boot, capable of taking three cases, the family shopping, or other light cargo. An intermediate hire car gives you a greater sense of confidence than smaller vehicles and you can be assured that with sturdy bodywork and enhanced safety features, you and your passengers can travel in safety. Whether you are hiring an intermediate car for business or personal use, for short trips or long journeys, you will find it more than meets your requirements, and with Enterprise, you get the benefit of their great backup team. Take a look at the Enterprise website today to see what intermediate cars are on offer.

Intermediate car hire to suit many occasions

You are used to driving your own small car, but are planning a long journey or touring holiday with others, and want more room and a little more engine power. Besides, you don’t want to put another 500 miles or more on your own car’s mileage or absorb the wear and tear. You can afford to hire a car, but you have a limited budget. If this sounds like you, then an intermediate car would provide all you need and Enterprise will tailor a deal for you that won’t break the bank. Alternatively, perhaps you own an intermediate car, but are travelling abroad and need to hire a car that provides the kind of motoring you are used to. Enterprises have 6,000 branches in 70 different countries, and a presence at most major airports. Book your intermediate car online and it will be ready for you when your plane lands. Even better, by arrangement, you can return it to any Enterprise branch. Whether you need more room so your partner and children can enjoy that family holiday in comfort, and take everything they need with them, or are taking elderly parents for a drive in the country and a nice meal, an intermediate car from Enterprise will fit the bill nicely.

  • Passengers
  • 5
  • Bags
  • 2

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