Belgium Car & Van Hire

Choose the Right Vehicle for Your Trip

At Enterprise, you'll be impressed with their wide range of modern vehicles for hire. They have vehicles and services that can meet the needs of every type of traveller. Drive one of their economy cars to the charming historic centre of Bruges, and take in its magnificent architecture and atmosphere. If you're interested in history, visit the Flanders battlefields from World War 1 in an estate car, and marvel at the incredible events that took place there. Having your own car rental in Belgium will make your visit more relaxing and enjoyable as you can plan your schedule accordingly. If you're going to spend time in the great outdoors, opt for a larger vehicle, such as a full-size people carrier, so you take your gear and a picnic with you. You can also choose from a selection of saloons and compact cars for city driving, 4x4 vehicles for rugged terrain, and luxury estate cars for cruising along the motorways.

At the Airport

When flying into Belgium, you'll find Enterprise branches conveniently located at several of the country's airports. For example, there's an Enterprise office at Brussels Zaventem Airport and Oostende Airport. The Enterprise locations are easy to find from the airport terminal buildings. Helpful and friendly Enterprise staff are on hand to help you with picking up your hire car, and to ensure that the start of your trip goes without a hitch.

Cheap Car Hire in Belgium

Enterprise prides itself on offering high-standard vehicles in a wide range of styles. They have vehicles to suit every kind of traveller, whether solo or part of a larger family or group. Booking an Enterprise rental vehicle is best done online in advance, as it helps secure the best hire rates and money-saving deals. Enterprise offers the most competitive prices and unrivalled value for money. Booking online opens up a whole host of special offers, such as great weekend rental promotions, which is why Enterprise is one of the most popular rental providers in the world.

Exploring Belgium

The beautiful, charming cities of Ghent and Bruges are must-see destinations if you're visiting Belgium. It's very easy to drive between the cities in your hire car, which makes for a great day trip if you want to explore them both in one go. Young people in your group may enjoy Mini Europe, a theme park on the northern outskirts of Brussels. There are also several great zoos, for example, in Pairi Diaza and Antwerp, as well as many wonderful castles, like the Chateau de Bouillon and Gaasbeek Castle. Your hire car will enable you to drive between these wonderful attractions quickly and conveniently.

Knowing the Driving Rules in Belgium

Belgium driving laws are similar to those of many other European countries, but there a few exceptions. Care is needed when overtaking and it's required to leave sufficient space between you and other vehicles. Notable, there's a minimum space of 1 metre required for all mopeds and other 2-wheeled vehicles, including bicycles. Belgium has strict laws when it comes to driving after drinking alcohol. Drink responsibly and ensure you are no more than 0.5mg of alcohol per ml of blood to stay legal. It's important to note that this is less than the UK's limit. Also, be aware of frequent speed cameras, and always be prepared to pay on-the-spot fines if you get caught! As a bonus, Belgian motorways are toll-free.

Enterprise Services

When it comes to car hire, Enterprise is the world's largest car rental company. One of the company's major strengths is they're always willing to go the extra mile and pull out all the stops to ensure customer satisfaction. Enterprise's customer service is second to none, which is why hiring a car from Enterprise is simple and easy. Enterprise will look after your every need, and they also offer flexible services, such as free vehicle pick-ups, one-way vehicle hires, and useful car accessories, including child safety seats or GPS navigation systems. With Enterprise, you'll always enjoy a comfortable and cost-effective journey.

Car & Van Hire in Belgium

Conveniently positioned between Germany and France, Belgium is a charming country with many fairytale cities to visit. Visitors can enjoy many fine attractions and great culture in this French and Flemish-speaking country. Belgium is a very easy country to navigate through and hiring a car enables you to drive around its rural and urban areas at your own convenience. You can find Enterprise Rent-A-Car branches located in many prominent cities, including Brussels, Ghent, and Oostende, as well as several other locations around the country. Therefore, no matter where you'll be starting out your trip, you'll always be able to find and hire a quality rental car in Belgium from Enterprise.