Car & Van Hire in Sydney Potts Point Holiday Inn Hotel

Sydney Potts Point – Holiday Inn Hotel

Location Details

Holiday Inn Hotel
Potts Point, NSW, AU, 2011

Pick-Up Service Available
After-Hours Returns Available

Rental Policies

Each additional driver is charged at a flat fee per day of AUD 11.00 (including VAT/GST). Enterprise/Alamo/National will include the renter's spouse or a person living at the same home address as the renter at no additional charge (licence address must be the same as the renter's address).

After Hours Service Pickups: After hours pickup service is not available at this location.
After Hours Service Drops: After hours returns service is not available at this location. 

Minimum driver age of 21 years old. There is no maximum age, however under 25 years old will only be able to reduce their damage liability to AUD 330.00.
A young driver surcharge of AUD 23.50 per day (excludes GST) applies to all Drivers aged between 21-24 years old.
Drivers aged between 21-24 are restricted to vehicles Mini, Economy, Compact, Compact SUV, Compact Commercial Van, Intermediate, Intermediate pickup and Standard only.
All drivers must have held their licence for a minimum of one year.
If any driver is on a probationary licence there is an additional Probationary Licence Fee of AUD 28.00 per day (excludes GST).

Prestige Fleet
For classes Luxury, Premium SUV, Luxury full size, Elite Full Size 4WD, Premium Elite SUV and Luxury SUV there is a minimum driver’s age of 30 years old. Local Renters must provide two current forms of ID both confirming home address i.e. Phone bill and Rates bill, documents must have been issued within the last 2 months. A full licence is required to drive any of the prestige fleet.

Vehicles can only be driven within Australia. The renter or authorised driver must only use the rental vehicle on a road which is properly formed and constructed as a sealed, metalled or gravel road.

• On beaches, through streams, rivers or flood waters;
• On fire trails;
• In the snow;
• To enter in to, or leave, the Northern Territory, Western Australia or Tasmania;
• Or Outside the Permitted Area of Use, listed below.

WHERE YOU CANNOT DRIVE THE VEHICLE (Outside the Permitted Area of Use):
In Queensland:
- The Old Telegraph Track section of the road to Cape York,
- Boggy Hole (Finke Gorge National Park);
- the Old South Road from Maryvale to Finke;
- Fraser Island at any time;
- The Bloomfield Track north of Cape Tribulation
- Beyond Cooktown to the north or Lakeland to the west
- On Highway No. 27 beyond Chillagoe in a westerly direction
- On Highway No. 1 beyond Normanton in a southerly direction and no further north than Karumba

In the Northern Territory:
- The road to Jim Jim Gorge and Twin Falls
- North of the Oodnadatta Track, including Mount Dare, Dalhousie Springs, Witjira National Park and Pedirka Desert.
- Arnhem Road and Arnhem Land/Gove Peninsula in general.

In Western Australia:
- Vehicles hired from Perth branches do not include travel further north or East than Exmouth; further east than Kalgoorlie-Boulder Township or further east than Esperance.
- Non-4WD vehicles hired from any other Western Australia location are not permitted to leave the local area without written consent from the hiring location.

With the purchase of the Collision Damage Waiver (CDW), you will reduce your vehicle damage liability to the below levels:
$950.00 AUD for standard passenger vehicles.
$1,250.00 AUD- for standard 8–12 seat minivans and standard large 4WDs.
$2,750.00 AUD- for all mine spec and commercial lorries, vans, 4WDs and utilities.

We permit one-way rentals between many of our locations. Relocation fees are applicable to such one-way rentals and are advised at the time of reservation. Please note that in the event that the renter returns the vehicle to a location that differs from the one noted on the original rental agreement, we reserve the right to charge a relocation fee based on the KM distance table below.

From 1 KMS to 50 KMS = AUD 57.00
From 51 KMS to 250 KMS = AUD 356.00
From 251 KMS to 500 KMS = AUD 712.00
From 501 KMS to 750 KMS = AUD 1140.00
From 751 KMS+ = AUD 1,425.00 (max charge)
All fees include VAT/GST.

No one ways are permitted in or out of Northern Territory, Western Australia and/or Tasmania.

For convenience, you may purchase a full tank of fuel from the branch at the time of rental, at a price that is competitive with local fuel stations. This method eliminates the need for you to refill the tank before returning. Please be aware that we are unable to give a refund for unused fuel.

If you do not choose our Pre-paid Fuel option and do not return the vehicle with a full tank of fuel, we will fill the tank for you and charge you for the costs we incur and the service we provide in doing so. Prices for Prepaying the Fuel vs when we refuel for you vary depending on the location but will be on display at the time of vehicle return.

The Renter must not use the Vehicle outside the Permitted Area of Use. If the renter takes the Vehicle outside the Permitted Area of Use their Liability for any loss or damage will increase and any optional damage waiver selected void.

For Vehicles rented in Queensland, New South Wales, Australian Capital Territory, Victoria, Tasmania and South Australia, the permitted area of use DOES NOT include Western Australia or the Northern Territory.

Vehicles may not be driven above the snow line -from June to October-, on beaches, in watercourses or rivers.

Permitted Area of Use means the area in which the Vehicle may be driven. The Permitted Area of Use is limited as follows
1. For those Vehicles-hired outside the Northern Territory and Western Australia, the Permitted Area of Use does not include the Northern Territory or Western Australia.
2. For those Vehicles hired from the Northern Territory, the Permitted Area of use does not include any other States or Territories of Australia.
3. For those Vehicles hired in the Northern Territory the Permitted Area of use does not include driving on the road to Jim Jim Gorge and Twin Falls or north of the Oodnadatta Track including the following areas- Mount Dare, Dalhousie Springs, Witjira National Park and Pedirka Desert.
4. For those Vehicles hired from Western Australia, the Permitted Area of Use does not include any other states or Territories of Australia and does not include any place further north or East than Exmouth or further east than Kalgoorlie-Boulder Township or Esperance.
5. The Permitted Area of Use in Queensland does not include any place further north than Cooktown or in a westerly direction beyond Chillagoe and Georgetown. The Permitted Area of Use does not include the Bloomfield Track coastal route between Cape Tribulation and Cooktown or Fraser Island and Stradbroke Island.
6. The Permitted Area of Use in South Australia does not include any place further north than Wilpena or in a westerly direction beyond Ceduna.

A valid credit card or Visa or MasterCard debit card must be provided for all rentals. The credit card holder is listed as the hirer and must be present at the time of rental commencement. NO CASH is accepted for any payments or bond. Charges for options and coverage are to be settled at the commencement of the rental.

A credit card fee applies as follows and is applicable to all rental charges (excluding the deposit bond) including any optional items purchased and damage liability charges. There is no refund of credit card surcharges:

Union Pay Cards:
Union Pay Cards are accepted if they have the Visa and MasterCard Union Pay logo present on the card.
All credit cards - 0.80% (Excluding GST)

Security Bonds
The credit card deposit (by way of pre-authorisation) is up to AUD 200.00.
If customer satisfies the below local renter criteria, up to AUD 1,000.00 (by way of pre-authorisation) is required, along with second proof of ID that shows drivers name and address e.g. utility bill.
1. Lives locally; within the greater metropolitan area of the city of pick up
2. Is a first-time renter with Enterprise (in either Australia and New Zealand)
3. Is not a Corporate Renter

Security Bonds - Prestige Fleet
For classes Compact Elite, Premium full size, Luxury full size, premium SUV, Elite Full size 4WD, Premium Elite SUV and Luxury Elite SUV, the credit card deposit (by way of pre-authorisation) is AUD 1,000.00.

Roadside Protection gets you back on the road for all incidents where the renter may be considered at fault. For example, changing a flat tyre, Lockout service if you are locked out of your car, Fuel delivery — up to 15 litres at no cost, and jump-starting your car battery if you accidentally leave the lights on.

Note: all vehicles have 24/7 standard roadside assistance included with their daily rental rate.

We accept current Australian, New Zealand, International and overseas licences. Overseas licences that are not easily identifiable as a drivers licence must be accompanied by an International Licence or certified English translation. Valid driver’s licence must be held for a minimum of 12 months.

In Australia as long as the rental vehicle is registered; the Green Slip (CTP - Compulsory Third Party Insurance) covers all injuries including death caused to other road users such as drivers, passengers of other vehicles, pedestrians, cyclists, motor cyclists and pillion passengers if you are at fault in a motor vehicle accident. CTP does not cover damage to property or other vehicles. The CTP provides unlimited indemnity to the insured party and ensures those who are injured have access to funds for services including all reasonable medical costs, treatment and rehabilitation. There is no fixed coverage limit per policy.

Sydney Potts Point Holiday Inn Hotel Car Hire FAQs

  • No. We provide a damage waiver and it's included in the cost of your hire.
  • The damage waiver comes with an excess.
  • You do have the option to purchase additional protection products to lower the excess.

  • To be 25 years old.
  • A valid driving licence with a photo.
  • A photo ID (for example: a driving licence or passport).
  • Credit or debit card (check the acceptable forms of payment at the location you're renting from).

Some locations may require additional information, including but not limited to:

  • An International Driving Permit (IDP): If the licence is written in a language or characters different from those of the country of rental, an IDP is also required. Renters are advised to check whether local authorities require foreign drivers to present an International Driving Permit to avoid the risk of potential fines. Renters with licences from countries that are not part of the International Driving Permit Agreement should carry a certified translation.
  • Return travel and accommodation information: Visitors to the UK must also provide proof of return travel and accommodation information while in the UK.

Prices may vary due to a number of factors such as:

  • The length of time you are renting the car
  • Car class selected
  • Rental location
  • Added insurance or protection products
  • Additional products selected
  • If you have to modify your reservation
  • If you have to extend your reservation
  • If you have to change your rental drop-off location

For the most accurate pricing, start a reservation.

For additional questions, please visit our main car hire FAQs page.