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The Irish countryside is so exquisitely beautiful, and the sights promised by a trip to Monaghan are enough to tempt even the most amateur photographer. As one of the five smallest counties in the country, Monaghan is a microcosm of its surrounding regions, offering everything you’d expect from Ireland in its 800 square miles. It’s known for its Manor Houses and genteel spirit, which are set against its tiny hills. It’s tranquil enough to even soothe the frazzled nerves of London travellers, which it achieves through its lake-based angling, lush fields and remote cruises. If you prefer travelling by car rental, Monaghan has Enterprise branches in nearby Cavan, and further afield, in Londonderry.

Our Vehicles For Hire In Monoghan

Enterprise caters towards every style of traveller, from large families to single, budget-conscious tourists. Monaghan’s endless vistas are fun to traverse in an SUV or exotic car. Hybrid and electric cars keep your conscience as clear as Monaghan’s skyline, and you can even get a full month’s rental if you require flexibility. Seven seater people carriers are offered for group trips, and a range of vans is available if you’re turning a holiday into a permanent relocation. Everything from class A to large compact vehicles are in the Enterprise fleet. There are also large and coupe cars for those who take their luxury seriously. Premium convertibles and executive cars will give you a smooth ride if you like your road travel to feel as plush as a long-haul flight.

Attractions In Monoghan

Get the most from your hired vehicle and enjoy exploring Monaghan by road. Following the historical routes will introduce you to some obscure facets of the Cromwellian wars. The area is one of the best angling towns in Northern Ireland, so while away a day or two at River Blackwater and Lowry’s Lake, which have excellent game and pike angling. The Glaslough Heritage trail takes you from Famine Monument to Saint Salvator’s Church, zipping past Castle Leslie Estate on the way. This estate is a popular destination for its thousand private acres and charming architecture. You’ll find some of the world’s most intricate and important needlework at Clones and Carrickmacross, where the town’s lace industry started. A car hired in Monaghan gives you the freedom to experience the drumlins at your own pace. These bubble-like hills were formed by retreating glaciers and are Monaghan’s most recognisable natural features. The Ulster Canal Greenway has recently been developed and is used as a walking or biking trail. It takes you over bridges and past a lock house. It even has its own ready-made picnic – its gardens yield apples, blackcurrants and gooseberries. The trail is a birdwatcher’s dreamscape, so take your binoculars along.

Places To Visit Outside Monoghan

Travelling a little further afield, there are countless options available for making your trip to ireland memorable. Monaghan is bordered most closely by Glaslough and Derrynoose. Nobody should visit Dublin without a trip to the Guinness Storehouse in St James’ Gate Brewery. The Gardens of Remembrance in Dublin City are a crucial part of Ireland’s history, but you’ll love them for their beauty, not their past. The National Gallery of Ireland includes work by Yeats, alongside 10, 000 other works of art, making it a must-see for arts tourists. Londonderry is situated on the River Foyle and adds a much-needed festive element to Northern Ireland through its many festivals.

Airport Car Hire

For those using car hire, Monaghan airport branches can be found in Londonderry Airport and Campsey. Dublin airport has its own Enterprise branch, which will get you started on your journey. Its international terminals were designed to handle 35 million travellers a year. They connect with countries as far afield as Ethiopia and Turkey. Domestic flights are best served by the smaller Derry airport, which handles ASL Airlines and Ryanair. Derry airport brings passengers into Northern Ireland from France, Glasgow, Liverpool and Stansted.

Parking And Traffic Information In Monoghan

Monaghan isn’t going to win any awards for its traffic jams or bustling car parks, given its miniscule population, meaninh travelling by road won’t present many challenges. If your budget is as small as Monaghan is, you'll be pleased to know there’s plenty of free parking in town at Cavan and Peterborough South. The new North road bypass takes you straight through the centre of town, and if your sense of direction is wanting, the layout and size of the town barely requires a map. Metered parking is offered in Monaghan street, and disabled passengers can easily apply for European Parking cards through a local health board or a disability services manager. Disabled drivers also receive repayments of vehicle tax, along with excise duty exemptions. Ireland takes its speed limits seriously, so don’t be tempted to break them – you will be caught. Night driving is quite challenging, but fortunately, Monaghan doesn’t fall into any of Dublin’s nightmarish traffic zones.

Cheap Van And Car Hire

Enterprise in Monaghan offers great prices across its large fleet of vehicles, whether you need a 3-door economy car, roomy SUV or 9-passenger people carrier. Book online in advance for the best deals on cheap car rental, or visit our knowledgeable staff in branch for friendly, personal service.

Enterprise offers a wide range of new vans from our city and neighbourhood branches. Explore the full fleet of passenger vans and larger commercial vehicles online or visit us in branch where our staff can help you find your perfect vehicle. Visit our van hire page to find out more.