Car & Van Hire in Cork

Enterprise car hire locations in Cork

One of Ireland’s biggest cities, Cork started as an island and now covers both banks of the River Lee. What better way to experience the southern port than hiring a car and exploring all the city has to offer.

From the hustle and bustle of the city centre with markets and comedy clubs to the beautiful countryside of North Cork, there is something for everyone. A car enables the exploration of all parts of Cork with the flexibility for you to do at your own choosing.

With an airport branch as well as a city branch, we guarantee car hire in Cork is flexible to suit your needs. However, if van rental is more appropriate for your requirements, then picking up our van hire in Cork is equally as simple. We promise great prices for both car and van hire from Cork and across Ireland.

With a lot to offer, Cork’s sights can be reached most comfortably in a hire car.

Fota Wildlife Park

Fota Wildlife Park is a 16 minute drive from the centre of Cork, and allows you to visit animals from all over the world. Regularly voted in the top 10 attractions in Ireland in addition to being the most popular tourist destination in Cork – Fota Wildlife Park is a great day out of anyone and everyone!

Fort Camden

Fort Camden is widely considered as one of the finest coastal defence forts remaining in the world. Only 30 minute drive from Cork City centre. By visiting Fort Camden, you experience a significant part of Ireland’s history but a historical interest which helped in the shaping of Western Europe, as we know it today.

Ballycotton Cliff Walks

Ballycotton Cliff Walks are a 45 minute drive from Cork City, and well worth the drive to appreciate the surprising landmarks and the stunning scenery. Hiring a car is the easiest and most stress free way to visit the cliffs which is highly recommended by locals and visitors alike.

Cheap Car Rental Cork

With a wide selection of affordable rental cars, we can ensure that you find a car suitable for your needs to explore Cork and the surrounding areas. From economy to compact cars and with cheap deals and great offers, we promise to make car hire cheap, easy and flexible to meet your requirements.

Van Rental In Cork

We have a van suitable for your needs whether that is for moving house, requiring a commercial van or fancy driving one of our passenger vans. Make your move across Cork or Ireland comfortable and stress free with one of our vans, from commercial vans to passenger vans there will be a vehicle that meets your requirements across the Cork branch.

Cork Airport Information

Upon landing in Cork Airport, our Cork Airport Branch can assist you on getting on the road as quickly as possible. From the terminal building, you are able to be plane to road efficiently with car hire that is suitable for your needs. Car hire from the airport is quick and convenient to continue your journey on the Irish roads to explore the Emerald Isle.