Enterprise Car Rental In Dos Hermanas, Spain

Dos Hermanas, which translates as 'Two Sisters", is a city of over one hundred thousand people, nine miles from Seville in Andalusia. The city is a centre for Spanish olives and olive oil production, which are central to the local economy. Tourist attractions include the castle and the Tower of Harberos. While in Dos Hermanas, visitors can try some of the regional food available in many of the bars and restaurants. Pork is a popular meat in the area and Secreto Iberico is highly regarded, as is Carrillada da Cerdo; roast pork cheek in red wine. Enterprise Rent-A-Car in Dos Hermanas hire out many different types of vehicle; whether you need an SUV, an economical runabout or something sporty, Enterprise will do you a great deal. Drive the eight miles to Seville, home of flamenco dancing and visit the Alcazar Castle complex. Alva de Guadaira with its ancient walls, castle and watermills built by the Moors is only a short distance away. Enterprise is based at Av. Cristobal Colon S/N, Citroen, 41700, one and a half miles away from the city’s train stations at Plaza Arenal and Cantaelgall; take a bus or ask Enterprise to collect you.

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